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Educational coaching strategies put your child on the right path for life

Melissa Lowry Education Coaching offers a common-sense approach to helping parents effectively steer their children toward independent and responsible lives.

Melissa’s practical advice combines years of wisdom from the classroom as a teacher and principal with real-life parenting experience.

Melissa’s approach helps you attack everyday issues that arise from early childhood through eighth grade. These common issues may be new to you and require innovative skills to make positive changes for your child and a happy household.

Is your child:

Do you find yourself:

  • Looking for effective discipline techniques to address your child’s misbehavior?
  • Planning excessively for school screening tests and applications?
  • Wondering why advances in technology are leaving you behind?
  • Feeling tired, disorganized and at a loss for where time goes each day?
  • Searching for practical parenting advice?

The job of a teacher is to impart a love of learning to your students. Yes, reading, writing and arithmetic are central to what you do, but sharing your excitement for life-long learning is a gift that keeps giving.

Continue your learning experience with the Teacher Toolbox. These tips and resources on current education trends and practices keep you inspired. When you have larger issues to tackle, Melissa can help there too. For example, do you see these issues in your classroom:

After years in the classroom, Melissa has discovered tried-and-true strategies that work for parents and teachers.

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Arm yourself with successful teaching tips and practical, parental wisdom.