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Education Reform at the Heart of New Documentaries | Edutopia

Education Reform at the Heart of New Documentaries | Edutopia.

It’s often difficult to read everything that’s out there.  Seeing some interesting documentaries, even you do not agree w/all of their content, is a strong place to start.

Even if your children attend a wonderful public, private, parochial or are home schooled, the education of all children affects you and the future of our great nation.

Watch the trailers to the attached films and make a plan to see them (including The Rubber Room-trailer link near the bottom in the comments section).  I have only seen “Race to Nowhere,” but plan to see the rest of them.

If not now, when?  If not us, who?  We make the difference.  We have the ability and power to influence change.  Some simple tips for you:

  • Participate in your child’s school experience.
  • Read to your child, at any age.
  • Know your child’s teacher.
  • Know your child’s friends and their parents.
  • Make authentic learning a priority in your home.
  • Don’t diss the school, its faculty or the administration in front of your kids.  Take problems to the source and solve them.
  • Be a catalyst for change.
  • Head a committee.  Heck, just join a committee.
  • Attend school board or council meetings.
  • Report teachers that are doing a GREAT job.
  • Report teachers that are doing a CRUMMY job.
  • Be present in your child’s life everyday.

Our children are our future.  Let’s make sure we leave them with a path to success.  I’d love to hear about some wonderful teachers, administrators and/or programs going on at your child’s school.

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