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Education Week: Senate Passes Bill to Make School Lunches Healthy


via Education Week: Senate Passes Bill to Make School Lunches Healthy.

I would like to take more time to offer my thoughts.  However, I am more interested to hear what others have to say first (shocking to those who know me, I know!).

Questions to consider…do we want more government involvement in our lives?  Do we need to protect children who cannot make decisions on their own?  Is it the government’s job to legislate behavior?  Will we pay a much greater societal price if we do not reign in the US obesity rate (currently at 27% by some estimates)?

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BigRedExpy August 6, 2010 at 4:02 pm

More government = better lives. For decades there was no child obesity problem. As government has encroached into our lives over the past 30 years child obesity has skyrocketed. Obviously the government is not doing enough, and more taxes and regulations are required. Maybe even a commission to investigate.


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