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Kindergarten becomes more challenging –

Kindergarten becomes more challenging –

Interesting article.  I am of the mindset that play-based Kindergarten is better and have made a deliberate choice to put my daughter in a half-day, developmental Kindergarten.  However, the article also sites some positives aspects of introducing academic concepts to youngsters, especially in diverse environments.  The article accurately points out that different communities and school settings need to take a variety of approaches to learning.  I like the references to the German system, as Germany was the county where Kindergarten was founded, and the German root of Kindergarten actually means “children’s garden” when translated directly from the language.

I would love to know what other parents and children have experienced in Kindergarten, which is often seen as a child’s gateway to school.

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Jen September 5, 2010 at 7:51 pm

It has been my experience that not only children, but adults learn “better” in a playful environment. In the last 20 years or the androgogical community has shifted away from traditional didactic interaction and moved toward problem based curriculum with emphasis on practical experience in real world settings. This practical real world for children is “play.” I’ve seen some of the most complex physics experiments set up by children. 🙂

I have recently been looking into K and 1st grade curriculums.

We have already covered K at home and she’s not yet 2.5. Strongly considering homeschooling at this point. It is difficult for public school teachers to accommodate so many levels of ability/readiness. 🙁


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