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Tip of the Day for Parents- Lunchbox Organization

I have to admit that I am a bit of an organization freak.  I wrote the lessons in Answer Keys (shameless plug for my book) on both how to organize yourself as a parent and how to organize your kids.  Well, I discovered a new weapon in the fight against organizational chaos, and I have my 3-year old son to thank.  He received a large collection of toy soldiers (think Toy Story) for Christmas.  Within hours I had incurred a minor injury from stepping on them and had to practically perform the Heimlich maneuver on one of our dogs…not a pretty site.

Out of exasperation and frustration, coupled with sleep deprivation, I instructed him to find a way to keep his soldiers organized, or I would take them away.  He took my call to arms, so to speak, very seriously.  He stared at me at first, sizing up my threat, and then his puzzled expression gave way to a broad smile.  “I got it!” he said, and ran to the kitchen.  After some banging and clanging, he came running back with his lunchbox, the soft kind with some compartments and zippers and a mesh area inside to hold a water bottle.  He quickly gathered all of his soldiers and their gear, zipping them snuggly into the lunchbox.  swinging it by the handle with pride, he now had a manageable and organized carrying case for his new, favorite toys.  “Genius!  I say.”  But then again, I’m his mother.

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