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Tip of the Day- Prepping for Parent/Teacher Conferences

Straight from Answer Keys:  Teachers’ Lesson Plans for Successful Parenting!

Making a list of objectives prior to your parent/teacher conference will allow you to provide your child with more focused assistance and enlist the teacher’s help where it’s needed most.  She will be able to keep you up to date on what is developmentally appropriate for your child at different ages and stages.  For example, if you have the objective that your child will be able to master Algebra by the end of 5th grade, the teacher can get you back on the reality track by educating you regarding what is developmentally and academically appropriate for a 5th grader (mastering Algebra certainly is not).

Base your objectives on the teacher’s syllabus for the year, the state and/or school standards for a particular grade level, your child’s ability level based on past performance, test scores and observations & any additional assessments.  Most importantly, conference with your child to help him set goals or to discuss reaching goals already set BEFORE you attend your parent/teacher conference.  It is crucial that parents keep students involved in the process and allow them to drive that process as they mature.

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Happy conferencing!


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