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What Type of Learner Are You? Your Child?

I just discovered the Learning Styles Quiz on  Very cool!  I’ve taken quizzes of this nature before, as they are based on Gardner’s 7 Intelligences (he’s added more since the theory’s inception, but the original 7 still stand up best) and can give you clues as to why you are drawn to certain subjects and interests.  They include Naturalistic, Bodily/Kinesthetic, Musical, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Visual/Spatial, Logical/Mathematical and Visual/Linguistic.  I encourage you to take the quiz for yourself and for each of your school- age children.  This might give you insight into how each of them learns best.  Again, go to and the link to the quiz is in the center top of the page next to “most popular.”  Here is how I stacked up.

Naturalistic- 50%

Bodily/Kinesthetic- 42%

Musical- 56%

Interpersonal- 100% (no surprise here!)

Intrapersonal- 94%

Visual/Spatial- 25% (no surprise- I cannot read a map for my life!)

Logical/Mathematical- 38% (math NEVER was my thing)

Visual/Linguistic- 100% (again, no surprise!)

We do cover some of this in Answer Keys: Teachers’ Lessons for Successful Parenting, but I encourage to gather more information on your own.  If anything, it’s just fun to find out more about yourself and your children!  I would love to hear from you and what you discovered about how you and your children learn best!

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