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Why I’m “over” Sarah Palin

Ahh- it’s nice to be back.  I took a bit of a break for the Thanksgiving holiday.  However, after reading yet another CNN ticker about Sarah Palin “firing back” at someone, I felt compelled to “fire off” my own post (pause while I read my notes from the palm of my hand).  I’m sooooooooooooo OVER Sarah Palin.  Really, I am.

I admit it.  I liked Sarah.  I’m a conservative woman.  I would like to see more strong women actively involved in politics.  I like that she didn’t come from the political elite.  I like guns…a lot.  I wear glasses much of the time.  I love Neiman Marcus.  And I can appreciate her “mama grizzly” approach to parenting.  I also liked the speech she gave when McCain announced her as his running mate.  If I had been her advisor, I would have instructed her to zip it immediately following that speech and catch a puddle jumper back to Alaska.

How could you say that, my conservative friends are going to gasp?  Read her lipstick!  She’s rough.  She’s tough.  She’s not afraid of a fight.  Yeah, yeah.  I get it.  But how far is too far?  Today she came out against the crazy guy behind Wikileaks.  He misquoted her.  Do you want a tissue?  Do you want some cheese with the whine?  I am beginning to think the reason she resigned as Governor is because she was too concerned with fighting every stinking battle, no matter how small, that she found her little desk job too boring.  Anyone remember Levi Johnston?  Right- he’s a mere piece of belly button lint in the history of life.  But she took him on like a prize-fighter in the ring.  Really?

Am I the only one who thinks she is always ready to rumble?  Am I the only one who thinks the chip on her shoulder has become a bolder?  Am I the only one who believes that if she thinks she can run this country (stifle the laughter…or tears) she needs to become a bit more concerned with serious issues facing our nation than with gossip and Dancing w/the Stars?  We already have a “celebrity” president.  We have enough fighting in Congress and enough war in the Middle East.  We need calm.  We need class.  We need someone who is willing to rise above the pettiness…who has character, strength and who leads by example.  We don’t need a “mama grizzly” whose myopic view doesn’t allow her to see beyond her own turf.

Get over it Sarah Palin.  The Wikileaks guy is a nut and not worth your time.  Use your influence to do something positive instead of for picking a fight.  Leave your snide remarks at home.  Leave your finger-pointing and sniveling to someone else (Pelosi?).  Focus on learning more and talking less; thinking more and grandstanding less.  I’m over it, Sarah, I really am.  And I gotta tell ya that I’m over you.

I will confess, however, that I still love your funky beehive.

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