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Ever wonder how teachers manage dozens of students, teach the curriculum and stay organized?

Melissa Lowry entered the parenting world with many of the same fears and anxieties that plague new moms. Even with years of classroom experience under her belt and 10 nieces and nephews, becoming a parent ushered in a whole new world.

Her educational background provided strategies to fall back on. Sharing with other mothers, reading numerous parenting books and undergoing on-the-job training made her the strong, confident and joyful parent she is today.

Melissa is happily obsessed with her children, education, literacy, writing, blogging, talking and tweeting. She holds a master’s degree in literacy and language arts and a California CLEAR K–8 Credential. She has taught preschool, elementary and middle school and worked as a consultant in the homeschool market.

As a former K–8 principal, she spent years developing a stellar pair of eyes in the back of her head that come in handy raising her son and daughter, alongside her supportive husband.

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