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Parent and family coaching for independent, responsible kids

Parenting and teaching. Why do we do it when these jobs demand more and pay less? The simple answer is love.

Melissa helps parents become more effective and joyful in their daily lives and teachers become the most incredible educators they can be!

She combines an ideal blend of insights gained from the classroom and the family room. She uses discussion, role-playing, strategy implementation and feedback to help parents put their children on the path of independence and responsibility.

Group parenting classes

  • For groups of 10 or more.
  • Melissa leads a two-hour session: an educational presentation, followed by an interactive, group discussion at your meeting location.
  • $75 per parent / $130 per couple; includes a copy of the Answer Keys.

Recent topics include:

  • Organization and time management
  • Bullying prevention and advice for parents, whether your child is the bully or is being bullied
  • Skills of an Internet-savvy parent with an Internet-savvy home
  • Your customized educational topic based on the group’s needs

Family coaching

  • For a one-on-one coaching session with parents
  • Melissa meets at your home or via phone to discuss your individualized needs.
  • $150 per hour (two hour minimum); includes a copy of the Answer Keys.

Recent discussions include:

    • School selection and readiness – pre-school through high school application process
    • Use Coach John Wooden’s Pyramid of Success in Everyday Parenting
    • Bullying
    • Social, developmental or academic issues; issues with school/faculty
    • Your customized topic to suit your individual needs

Let’s raise responsible, independent children!
No one should face the daily challenges of parenting alone. Share experiences and learn from professionals and peers. Parents can gain valuable knowledge and find their footing.

Schedule Melissa to join your parenting or educational group, or for a one-on-one family coaching session.

Email Melissa or call (713) 444-6471