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Answer Keys – Teachers’ Lesson Plans for Successful Parenting

Melissa and three moms hatched their idea to write a book at the kitchen table. Among sippy cups and kids’ clutter, they created a personal, informative and inspirational book. Their insights combine lessons taught in their classrooms with what they practice at home.

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As a co-author of the book, I’m admittedly biased. Our reviewers (other teachers and moms) sum up the book best:

“Answer Keys is a treasure trove full of practical and realistic ideas for parenting in today’s fast-paced society. Based on years of experience as educators and mothers, the authors of this book have provided suggestions to help parents navigate through many of the personal and educational situations encountered while raising children. Answer Keys is extremely user-friendly with recurring features such as “Chalk Talk,” “Teacher Conferences” and “Homework Assignments” that provide an opportunity for the reader to learn from these amazing ladies. As an educator and parent, I highly recommend this as a very worthwhile read!”
– Dr. Candace Poindexter, Professor, Loyola Marymount University.

“This is one of the coolest books I’ve ever seen. How amazing that you can finally get a “how to” for parents that focuses on not only the basics, but current topics as well in a simple, well laid out format. Raising three kids of my own, the oldest being a teenager and the youngest still in diapers, I can’t wait to share this with all of my friends and of course my husband! Thank goodness I’ve gotten it in time for the new school year so I can communicate more effectively with my kids’ teachers. Buy it now!”
– Marley Majcher, Boss, The Party Goddess! Inc. and Mother of three

“I just finished reading Answer Keys today. The book has a wealth of information that I am so grateful to have. Even though I have been a mom for five years, I still consider myself a “new mom” and the book feels like a road map. I like that four different women have contributed to writing the book because I felt that I was getting a mixture of life experiences, opinions, stories and guidance. The information in the book provides a foundation for a smooth running, functional and connected family.”
– Amy ( 5-star review)

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