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Parenthood: A Perspective

I was planning to post something more serious today, but I found this in my archives of discarded material from Answer Keys.  I dusted it off, made a few changes, and I think it turned out pretty darn good.  Feel free to re-post or pass it along…just let them know who wrote it (that’s me, by the way).  Enjoy!


A gift.

An awesome responsibility.

An opportunity to influence.


A feeling of unconditional love.

An experience unlike any other.


Parenthood gives us unfathomable joy


Awesome responsibility.

It gives us the gift of seeing the world again through a new, less jaded lens.

Parenthood allows us to influence a life other than our own.

Parenthood gives us the power to persuade.

The opportunity to build something beautiful.

To love fiercely, openly and unconditionally.

Parenthood gives us the freedom to dream again…

this time for someone else’s future.


It allows us to give and sacrifice in ways we never thought possible.

Parenthood means our hearts will break…

The day they’re born.

When they take their first steps.

Their first day of school.

The day they get a driver’s license.

When they leave for college.

At college graduation.

When they marry.

As they begin the circle of life again with the birth of their own children.

We do it, though, understanding the risks & anticipating the obstacles.

Owning the heartbreak.

We do it because we can envision the rewards we will reap

by gifting the world with another beautiful life.

Parenthood is love, hope, disappointment, joy

and every other emotion rolled into one.

Parenthood is life.

And what a beautiful life it is.

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